Test Yourself

New thinking is fun

Brain Juice creativity training for businesses is about much more than brainstorming techniques and idea generation. We teach you to look at problems in different ways and you will have fun too. If you enjoy the brainteasers on this page then you will love Brain Juice training.

  • The 60th and 62nd Prime Ministers of Great Britain had the same mother and father. However the 60th and 62nd Prime Ministers were not siblings. Explain?

    They are same person (Winston Churchill)

  • One day a man was walking down the street and he met his uncle. It was the first time he had ever met him and he had never seen a photo or picture of him but he recognised him straight away. Explain?

    The man he met is his dad's identical twin.

  • David and Sarah's children are called Peter, George, Robin, Chris, Derek and Sam. If Peter's sister-in-law is called Clare, can you deduce who Clare may be married to?

    Clare is married to Derek; all the other names could be girls or boys.

  • Can you place the letter Z in the following grid so that every letter of the alphabet appears only once?


    alphabet answer

  • With one stroke of a pen turn the number below into a time.

    time Q

    Time A