Brain Juice

Your Brain Juice

Brain Juice can help your business in many ways. People have chosen Brain Juice creativity training to help with challenges as diverse as product development to breaking silo mentality. Ultimately, innovation training with Brain Juice will help you find fresher, smarter approaches to doing business.

Brain Juice creativity training courses challenge you to face your old habits and unlock your capacity for original thought. Brain Juice is a practical course that is stimulating, fun and unlike anything you have experienced before! Brain Juice training can be delivered in a number of formats and is fine-tuned to meet the particular needs of your organization.

Brain Juice training is delivered in a format that suits you. Options include:

  • An intensive but fun day
  • A day of creativity training and a day of practical application to a particular problem you face
  • A bespoke course designed around your needs

One size does not fit all! From brainstorming techniques and creative problem solving to idea generation and creative techniques, different organisations need different programs. We believe that the key to successful creativity training is to tailor the learning process to suit your requirements.