Mini grappling hook

Now you can drop your keys down a grid just for the fun of it or Re-enact that scene from Gremlins where Gizmo goes all Rambo. (Not suitable for holding a persons weight.)

Bend your brain

Idea generation and creative problem solving happen all the time. You just need to spot the opportunities to make new connections, do things different and see the value in it. If you were to show someone a paperclip the odds are that they would say "it's a paperclip" but only 1 in 20,000 is actually ever used to clip paper. So what do we do with the rest of them? We innovate that's what.

  • golf

    The paper clip challenge

    Give yourself a few minutes to bend your brain and think of as many things that you can do with a paperclip. For a chance to get 20% off on your Brain Juice Training session, post a photo and description of your most inventive use right here now and we will put it to the vote

  • fishing hook

    Vote for your favourite

    See all the brain bending paper clips and vote for your favourite.