About us

The Brain Juice story

Brain Juice was set up by Gordon Brown in 2004 after he decided to change a marketing lecture to a group of lawyers into a business creativity training seminar. They liked the juice he fed their brains so much they asked for some more. At which point he thought, "other people might like this."

In a world where the maxim seems to be 'work longer hours' innovation training is the one way to work smarter not harder. How many times have you thought there aren't enough hours in the day? How many times have you said to yourself 'Now why didn't I think of that?' How many times have you given birth to an idea but have struggled to turn it into anything of substance?
Developed and run by Gordon Brown - Brain Juice creativity training for businesses has a proven track record in helping individuals and companies to open that creative door.

Here are some facts about Gordon:

  • Although he is Scottish, Gordon has never been prime minister
  • Gordon has 25 years experience in sales and marketing and 15 in creativity training
  • Gordon is a published novelist
  • After 14 years with Bass Brewers, Gordon is highly knowledgeable on the subject of beer

Gordon and Stein IAS
In 2010 Gordon came to deliver Brain Juice training to Stein IAS (then IAS b2b Marketing). To say that the course was a success would be a major understatement, and the 2-day session led to the conception of an audacious marketing coup in the form of the Unbelievable IAStival. Stein IAS benefitted in so many ways from Brain Juice training that they asked Gordon to make Brain Juice a Stein IAS brand and the rest is history.

The Unbelievable IAStival
Brain Juice training led to the production of the most awesome training and marketing exercise in Stein IAS history - the unbelievable IAStival. See the video here.