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Innovation training for your everyday work

By helping people understand the creative process in their mind, our creativity training can help everyone to improve their level of innovation at work and creative problem solving ability. Creativity is something we all use in our everyday lives to solve problems. Brain Juice training demystifies and explains creative thinking, breaks it down into its constituent parts and teaches you simple repeatable creative techniques that you can apply to your particular business problems.

Brain Juice holds the key to:

  • Problem solving ability
  • New product development
  • New sales techniques
  • Better marketing ideas
  • Getting the best out of others
  • Being an indispensable team member
  • Efficient use of time
  • Turning ideas into action
  • Confidence!

"The experience with Brain Juice has been a great success for our company. The insight we have gained into how we run and manage our business, share our challenges and help us succeed has been invaluable."

Scott Davidson, Director, Glencairn Crystal

A Breakfast of Brain Juice

Breakfast of Brain Juice

Brain Juice visits the ‘The Communication Breakfast’ in Glasgow.

Bend it


Innovation and creativity is everywhere. You just need to spot the opportunities to make new connections, do things different and see the value in it.

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